Funding your graduate studies

If your application is recommended for admission to either of our graduate programs (Art History or Communication Studies), you will be notified in writing of your financial offer from the department. We typically provide guaranteed minimum funding to students during the first 3-4 years of our PhD programs and to MA students for two years.

This guaranteed minimum funding from the department is available in two forms: competitive and non-competitive sources. Competitive funding sources include opportunities to apply for a variety of grants, awards, or fellowships for which you may be eligible. We assist students in applying for these and many other sources of funding. Competitive funding also includes opportunities for travel awards and teaching assistantships. Registered students are provided with ample advance notice of any/all opportunities to apply for available competitive funding.

Non-competitive funding includes opportunities for research assistantships and stipends usually from your supervising professor; it also includes various departmental nominations for funding based on your eligibility for these types of awards. We do not list them here because they often vary from year to year and also because students do not apply for them directly. Finally, students are advised to explore student aid options.

Additional information is available on the following websites:
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Feel free to direct any/all questions related to funding to the gpd-ahcs.arts [at] (Graduate Program Director)