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Undergraduate Courses in Communication Studies 2014-2015

Fall 2014

COMS 210 (CRN 6231) Intro to Communication Studies (3 credits), Rafico Ruiz, M, W, F, 1435-1525, MAASS 112

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COMS 230 (CRN 13415) Communication and Democracy (3 credits), Prof. Darin Barney, M, W, F, 1335-1425, Arts W-215

This course introduces students to a range of issues surrounding the relationship between communication, media and politics in contemporary liberal-democratic and capitalist societies. Starting from the premise that media and communication are central to the possibilities of the democratic public sphere(s), the course will critically examine the role, performance and structure of contemporary mass media, democratic governance of media and communication, and emerging political practices and selected issues surrounding digital information and communication technologies and network media.

COMS 355 (CRN 17600) Media Governance (3 credits), Prof. TBA, M, W, 1605-1725, EDUC 627

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COMS 361 (CRN 18656) Selected Topics in Communication Studies 1: “Special Topics: Media and the City” (3 credits), Christopher Gutierrez, M/W/F, 1135-1225, Arts W-215

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COMS 400 (CRN 18659) Critical Theory Seminar (3 credits), Prof. Darin Barney, T, 1135-1425, Arts W-5

This intensive seminar examines the traditions of critical social theory as they have influenced the field of media and communication studies. Emphasis will be placed on close, critical reading and discussion of primary texts. Strains of critical theory to be studied include: Marxism; the Frankfurt School; post-structuralism; feminism; post-colonialism and queer theory.

COMS 425 (CRN 17866) Urban Culture & Everyday Life (3 credits), Prof. Jenny Burman, W, 1135-1225, Arts W-5

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COMS 491 (19296) Media, Communication and Culture: “Communication & Culture: Sensory Studies in Science” (3 credits), Prof. Axle Volmar (Mellon PostDoc), Th, 1435-1725, Arts W-5

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COMS 492 (CRN 13438) Power, Difference and Justice: “Queer Theory and Visual Culture” (3 credits), Bobby Benedicto, T, 0835-1125, Arts W-5

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COMS 497 (CRN 10683) Independent Study (3 credits) Instructor’s Approval Required

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COMS 541 (CRN 15368) Cultural Industries: “Queer Theory, Queer Time” (3 credits), Bobby Benedicto, W, 1435-1725, Arts W-5

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Winter 2015

COMS 200 (CRN 10273) History of Communication (3 credits), Dylan Mulvin, M/W/F, 1135-1225, Arts W-215

COMS 300 (CRN 13918) Media and Modernity in the 20th Century (3 credits), Prof. Marc Raboy, T/Th, 1435-1555, Arts W-215

COMS 310 (CRN 10275) Media and Feminist Studies (3 credits), Morgan Charles, M/W/F, 1235-1325, Arts W-215

COMS 411 (CRN 13921) Disability, Technology and Communications (3 credits), Prof. Jonathan Sterne, Th, 1135-1425, Arts W-5

COMS 435 (CRN 13919) Adv Issues in Media Governance (3 credits), Prof. Becky Lentz, T, 0835-1125, Arts W-5

COMS 490 (CRN 13920) / EAST 467 History and Theory of Media (3 credits), Prof. Furuhata, Th, 1335-1725, Arts W-220

COMS 491 (CRN 12731) Media, Communication and Culture (3 credits), Prof. Gabriella Coleman, W, 1435-1725, Ferrier 230

COMS 497 (14732) Independent Study (3 credits) – Instructor Approval Required.

COMS 541 (CRN 14494) Cultural Industries: “Film and Game Sound Design: “History, Theory, Aesthetics” (3 credits), Prof. Axle Volmar (Mellon PostDoc), M, 1435-1725, Arts W-220

COMS 560 (CRN 13923) Communications and Development (3 credits), Prof. Jenny Burman, T, 1135-1425, Arts W-5