Undergraduate Courses in Art History 2018-2019

Fall 2018

ARTH 205 (CRN 20536) Introduction to Modern Art (3 credits) Prof. TBA, WF, 04:05-17:25, Arts W-215


ARTH 207 (CRN 20537) Introduction Early Modern Art (3 credits) Prof. TBA, WF, 10:05-11:25, Arts W-215


ARTH 215 (CRN 22469) Introduction to East Asian Art (3 credits) Prof. Jeehee Hong, TR, 08:35-09:55, Arts W-215

This course provides a historical overview of East Asian art and visual cultures from early dynastic times (ca. 5th century BCE) to the 21st century. Focusing on shared cultural foundations, we will mainly discuss China, Korea, and Japan. The course will be structured around several important themes such as funerary, Buddhist, landscape, and literati arts, each of which will be dealt with in chronological order, generally following the order of China, Korea, and Japan. Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to think about both the overarching characteristics and more particularly local and temporal variations in East Asian art

ARTH 226 (CRN 21916) Introduction to Eighteenth-Century Art and Architecture (3 credits), TR, 14:35-15:55, Prof. Matthew Chambers Hunter, Arts W-215


ARTH 226 (21916) Introduction to Eighteenth Century Art and Architecture (3 credits) Prof. Matthew Hunter, T, Th, 1135-1255, Arts W-215


ARTH 321 (CRN 23969) Visual Culture of the Dutch Republic (3 credits) Prof. Angela Vanhaelen, TR, 10:05-11:25, Arts W-215


ARTH 339 (CRN 25728) Critical Issues - Contemporary Art (3 credits) Prof. Christine Ross, TR, 13:05-14:25, Arts W-215

ARTH 353 (CRN 25732) Selected Topics in Art History 1 (3 credits) Prof. Charmaine Nelson, WF, 14:35-15:55, Arts W-215


ARTH 354 (CRN 18637) Selected Topics Art History 2 (3 credits) Prof. TBA, WF,  13:05-14:25, Arts W-215


ARTH 400 (CRN 6241) Selected Methods in Art History (3 credits) Prof. Chriscinda Henry, M, 11:35-14:25, Arts W-5

This is an advanced seminar on art historical methods intended for Honours Art History students in their final year at McGill. The course will focus on the question of how we think about art (what is art? how do we evaluate something we think of as art? where do the models for understanding and even defining art come from?) It will explore these questions through addressing the views of different stakeholders: artists themselves, academics, curators, collectors, educators, critics, and various beholders or audiences. The ultimate goal of the course is for students, by questioning the history of how the idea of “art” came to be, to gain a fuller understanding of art history, the discipline that reciprocally defines and constructs art. To focus our discussion, we will trace key historical and methodological issues with special attention to those that inform current questions, approaches, and practices. Beyond this, the seminar also focuses on the special skills it takes to be an art historian including grant writing, producing publication quality original research, and mastering oral presentation and the description and interpretation of artworks in the classroom and museum environment.

Advisor Approval Required. Limited to honours students.

ARTH 401 (CRN 6242) Independent Study, Honours Research Paper (3 credits) Prof. Chriscinda Henry

Advisor Approval Required. Limited to honours students.

ARTH 420 (CRN 19923) Selected Topics in Art and Architecture 1 (3 credits) Prof. TBA, R, 14:35-17:25, Arts W-220


ARTH 430 (CRN 25738) Concepts - Discipline Art History (3 credits) Prof. Matthew Chambers Hunter, W, 11:35-14:25, Arts W-5


ARTH 435 (CRN 26355) Early Modern Visual Culture (3 credits) Prof. Angela Vanhaelen, F, 11:35-14:25, Arts W-220

Supervised independent research on an approved topic.

ARTH 447 (CRN 5097) Independent Research Course (3 credits)

Instructor's approval required.

ARTH 490 (CRN 1493) Museum Internship (3 credits)

Please visit: https://www.mcgill.ca/ahcs/undergraduate/ugrad/internship
Advisor Approval Required.


Winter 2019

ARTH 207 (CRN 17197) Introduction Early Modern Art 1400-1700 (3 credits) Prof. Angela Vanhaelen, WF, 11:35-12:55, Arts W-215


ARTH 223 (CRN 18307) Introduction Italian Renaissance Art 1300-1500 (3 credits) Prof. Chriscinda Henry, TR, 13:05-14:25, Arts W-215

This course is a selective survey intended to introduce students to major artists, monuments, cities, and subjects of Italian art from 1300-1500. Particular attention is paid to Florence, Siena, and the North Italian courts. The art of this period, commonly referred to as the Early Renaissance, was grounded in the exigencies of commune, court, and city. We will consider the changing role of the artwork in political and religious contexts, and in public and private life, bearing in mind the varying interests of those who commissioned and crafted works of art and those who encountered them as beholders. From this variety of uses and responses emerged multiple conceptions of the nature of art and the role of the artist. Together we will explore these conceptions through a range of primary and secondary source readings in which special attention will be given to the historical figures of artist, patron, and viewer, to technique and workshop practice, to art theory, and to the powerful role of art in society. Through the course you will also have the opportunity to become familiar with the excellent collection of Italian Renaissance paintings and decorative arts in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

ARTH 305 (CRN 3190) Methods in Art History (3 credits) Prof. TBA, WF, 13:05-14:25, Arts W-215


ARTH 314 (CRN 18308) The Medieval City (3 credits) Prof. Cecily Hilsdale, M, 11:35-14:25, Arts W-215


ARTH 336 (CRN 18831) Art Now (3 credits) Prof. Christine Ross, MW, 14:35-15:55, Arts W-215


ARTH 354 (CRN 13876) Selected Topics Art History 2 (3 credits) Prof. Charmaine Nelson, TR, 11:35-12:55, Arts W-215


ARTH 411 (CRN 18313) Canadian Art and Race (3 credits), Prof. Charmaine Nelson, F, 11:35-14:25, Arts W-5


ARTH 420 (CRN 13879) Selected Topics in Art and Architecture 1 (3 credits) Prof. Mary Hunter, M, 11:35 -14:25, Arts W-5


ARTH 421 (CRN 15136) Selected Topics in Art and Architecture 2 (3 credits) Gwendolyn Owens, T, 14:35-13:25, Arts W-220


ARTH 422 (CRN 14296) Selected Topics in Art and Architecture 3 (3 credits) Jeehee Hong, R, 14:35-17:25, Arts W-220

How did traditional Chinese visualize their happiness, humor, love, sorrow, or pain? What did smiling, crying or frowning in art signify in classical China? This seminar will historically examine expressions of emotions in art and visual culture in pre-Modern China, from the early to late imperial periods. Generally considered more demure than their counterparts in the European tradition, Chinese representations of emotions have been understudied in the field of art history. Beginning from the typology of this general impression, this seminar asks why certain types of emotions were chosen for representations and how these representations of emotional expressions were shaped by cultural, social, and intellectual environments, as well as what specific ways of visualizing emotions can tell us about traditional Chinese society.

ARTH 447 (CRN 1673) Independent Research Course (3 credits) Instructor’s Approval Required

Supervised independent research on an approved topic.

ARTH 490 (CRN 1674) Museum Internship (3 credits) Advisor’s Approval Required