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Radioactive materials


All applications for licences to possess and use radioactive materials and to operate radiation-emitting device are subject to the rules and regulations of the CNSC (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission). Such application should be made through Environmental Health & Safety  and must be endorsed by the Vice-Principal (Research) on behalf of the University.

University Laboratory Safety Committee (ULSC)

The ULSC is chaired by the Vice-Principal (Research). This Committee is representative of faculties and departments where the use of radioactive materials is concerned, along with Environmental Health and Safety.

Radiation Safety Policy Manual

A fully detailed Radiation Safety Policy Manual has been prescribed for use throughout the University and has been made available to radiation users. Copies of the Manual may be obtained by downloading the document from Environmental Health and Safety website.

Radiation Protection Service

This service is provided to the University by Environmental Health and Safety. Its responsibilities are the following:

  1. Assessment of the status of radiation safety measures in effect in all rooms, laboratories, wards, and other locations where radiation sources are housed or used.
  2. Providing such services as may be required for radiation safety and for compliance with federal, provincial, and local laws, in addition to services provided internally by individual departments or laboratories. Examples of these services are:
    • Instruction and training of students & employees in the safe handling of radiation sources.
    • Carrying out radiation surveys, including environmental surveys, personnel monitoring (additional to that provided by national or private dosimetry services), and surveys related to particular equipment or procedures.
  3. Regular inspections are carried out by Environmental Health and Safety in all facilities where open and sealed radioisotopes are used. The inspection reports must be shown to every person working in the laboratory involved and retained for review purposes.
  4. Expertise related to the collection and disposal of radioactive waste.
  5. Planning for, and supervision of, emergency procedures and special decontamination operations and assessment of radiation exposures.
  6. Maintenance of records relating to all aspects of radiation safety, including personnel exposure records, radiation survey records and licensing documents.
  7. Participation in the planning of new installations or procedures involving radiation sources.
  8. Cooperation with federal, provincial, and local authorities in all matters relating to radiation safety.
  9. Provision of annual reports to the ULSC and CNSC.
  10. Immediate reports on emergency situations to Facilities Operations & Development, Vice-Principal (Research), and Chair, ULSC.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research, 398-3990, or Environmental Health and Safety, 398-4563.