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Environmental health and safety policy

The Environmental Health and Safety Office has the mandate to plan, organize, coordinate, and implement University policies on occupational health and safety in conformity with applicable laws, regulation, codes, and standards. The objectives of the Office are to establish and maintain a high standard of safety in all University activities, to recognize and minimize occupational hazards and to prevent accidents and injuries of all kinds. The principal functions of the Office are:

  • To maintain liaison with all University health and safety committees and to act as the secretariat of the University Central Safety Committee.
  • To perform workplace environmental monitoring and inspections and conduct research into special health and safety problems.
  • To provide consultation on health and safety issues for faculty, staff, and students in order to prevent or remedy health and safety problems.
  • To formulate recommendations for the health and safety program requirements of the University.
  • To develop internal safety standards for hazardous activities.
  • To receive accident, dangerous incident, and occupational disease reports and to maintain records to determine frequency and severity rates and the identification of high incidence and highly damaging occurrences.
  • To coordinate accident investigations.
  • To disseminate information on occupational health and safety topics to the University community.
  • To plan and participate in health and safety meetings, conferences, seminars, and training programs.
  • To provide all services required in the matter of radiation protection.
  • To maintain liaison with Quebec's Health and Safety Commission (Commission de la santé et de la securité du travail du Québec) and other Government services and community resources concerned with occupational health and safety.