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Personnel policies and procedures

Chapter Scope

Accidents at work All staff
Administrative and support staff engaged in academic duties Non-academic staff
Administrative dismissals Management staff
Association Membership & Activities Management staff
Benefits: contributory benefit coverage All staff
Calculation of service Management staff
Conflict of interest policy All staff
Deferred Salary Leave policy Management staff
Dental plan All staff
Disability policy Management staff
Disciplinary measures policy Non-academic staff
Discipline: reprimand, suspension and dismissal for cause Academic staff
Dispute resolution policy Management staff
Educational assistance policy Non-academic staff
Educational assistance policy Academic staff
Elections All staff
Employee assistance program All staff
Employee relations committee Management staff
Employment security policy Management staff
Harassment policy All staff
Holidays with pay All staff
Hours of work Management staff
Identification card All staff
Immigration regulations Non-academic staff
Leave of Absence for Public Service  
Lecturing Non-academic staff
Life insurance All staff
Long-term disability All staff
Moving allowances Academic staff
On-call policy Management staff
Parental leaves policy Management staff
Parental leaves policy Academic staff
Pensions All staff
Pensions, reciprocal transfer arrangements All staff
Personal leave policy Management staff
Probationary period Management staff
Professional development fund Academic staff
Relocation allowance Non-academic staff
Relocation Academic staff
Rest periods Management staff
Sabbatic leave regulations Academic staff
Salary administration policy Management staff
Severance pay entitlement Academic staff, non tenure stream
Short-term disability All staff
Social leaves Management staff
Staff dependent tuition waiver policy All staff
Staff files policy All staff
Staffing policy Management staff
Strike policy Academic staff
Strike policy Non-academic staff
Supplemental health plan All staff
Temporary employment policy Management staff
Temporary lay-off Management staff
Unionized employees  
Unpaid leave of absence Management staff
Vacation policy Non-academic staff
Work accidents Management staff