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Accommodations and Conference Services

Housing and Conference Services is a sub-unit of SHHS. Visit www.mcgill.ca/shhs to view our other services.

Welcome to Housing and Conference Services

At McGill University - Accommodations and Conference Services our goal is to earn your business by offering you quality accommodations and excellent service at great prices. Our commitment is to provide an experience that exceeds both you and your guest’s expectations.

Accommodations and Conference Services offers:

Accommodations - we offer summer accommodations in a variety of locations in downtown Montreal to meet every budget.

Meetings, events and conferences - we offer unique venues for meetings, conferences, events and weddings on campus and in our residences.

McGill official hotel program - we manage the McGill Official hotel program offering specially negotiated rates to the McGill community.

Alcohol permits - we process your requests for alcohol permits on campus as well as purchase and deliver alcohol for your events.

Filming and photography - we offer a wide variety of building and locations options for movie shoots, photos and filming on campus.