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About McGill

  • Around McGill in 80 seconds

    Around McGill in 80 seconds

    Discover why McGill is one of the best universities in the world.

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  • Introduction to McGill University

    Learn more about McGill University.

    McGill students have the highest average entering grades in Canada, and McGill consistently ranks among the world's finest universities.

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  • More about the location of McGill: Montreal

    Live and study in Montreal

    Of Montreal’s 3.6 million residents, 220,000 are students at universities or other professional post-secondary programs, making Montreal one of the world’s most student-friendly cities.

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  • McGill's Notable Alumni

    215,000 living alumni

    McGill's alumni include Nobel Prize-winners, Supreme Court judges, distinguished executives and athletes, and three celebrated astronauts—or four, if you count William Shatner.

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  • More about McGill Admissions

    McGill admissions

    Bryce Durafourt, Celina Wu (Neuroscience) and Jean-François Poulin (Public Accountancy) are among some 35,000 students at McGill. Want to join them?

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  • Virtual tour of McGill University's Downtown and Macdonald campuses

    Virtual tour

    Navigating 300 buildings across two campuses may seem a daunting task, but our Virtual Tour can help you find your way.

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  • 190 Years of McGill History and counting..

    190 years of history, and counting...

    In 1942, Macdonald College students climbed aboard the Harvest Train to Saskatchewan, travelling some 3,000km to help save a record wheat crop threatened by a wartime shortage of harvest workers.

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All about McGill

With some 300 buildings, more than 38,500 students and 250,000 living alumni, and a reputation for excellence that reaches around the globe, McGill has carved out a spot among the world's greatest universities.

We invite you to explore some of the momentous achievements of McGill and McGillians.  While we're proud of what we've accomplished, our story is still being written, and new chapters are added all the time.  If you're considering an academic career at McGill, we hope that one day you will count your own pages among them.